Refugee Outreach Program

The Refugee Outreach Program focuses resources on helping refugees in Guilford County age 60 and over. Senior Resources of Guilford intentionally creates an environment to help refugees to gather with others who might share similar journeys. Activities are designed and adapted to facilitate a comfortable path to citizenship, to foster greater health, and to consider the needs of older adults who have been displaced from their native countries by the forces or consequences of war or oppression.

Funded by the North Carolina State Refugee Office in the Division of Social Services as part of Department of Health and Human Services. Learn more at

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services


Peter Lindsay, Refugee Outreach Coordinator
Phat Pham, Vietnamese & Montagnard Outreach Coordinator
High Point and Jamestown: (336) 884-6981
From all other areas: (336) 373-4816